KinderPUP Fundamentals

The KinderPUP program follows the timeline of the Socialization Stage in the Five Stages of Growth a puppy goes through. The Socialization Stage begins around 3-weeks of age and continues through 12-weeks of age. Even during the earliest part of this stage (3 to 6 weeks of age), puppies show improved confidence when presented with […]

KinderPUP: A puppy socialization program for fosters

KinderPUP makes it easy for fosters to socialize and familiarize their pups while laying the groundwork for manners, potty training, and crate training. This gives puppies a head start when they head to their forever homes! A puppy benefits tremendously from spending their early life in a home environment. It helps to set them up […]

About Christine

Christine Mielke has fostered over 100 dogs and puppies and assisted with countless more through volunteering at local rescues and shelters. She is an experienced medical foster who has worked with cleft palate puppies, dying and premature newborns, and critically ill and injured puppies.