Foster and Rescue Resources for Puppies

Please find downloadable, shareable handouts that are free for fosters, rescues, and shelters to use to educate fosters and volunteers on how to care for, handle, and help puppies over 3 weeks (not bottle babies–we have a set of resources specifically for newborn puppies).

These handouts are very summarized versions of content published in full throughout the Goodest Pups. They are designed to be digestible and easy for anyone to understand. They may also be adapted and customized by animal non-profits with attribution to the Goodest Pups.

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About Christine

Christine Mielke has fostered over 100 dogs and puppies and assisted with countless more through volunteering at local rescues and shelters. She is an experienced medical foster who has worked with cleft palate puppies, dying and premature newborns, and critically ill and injured puppies.