Bottle Baby Puppies: Common Issues + Solutions

The most common issues (but not typically life-threatening) that pop up when caring for bottle baby puppies include: suckling/urine scalding, crying excessively, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. These issues tend to be related to being under- or over-fed, the equipment, and the milk replacement formula. Suckling and Urine Scalding in Newborn Puppies When bottle babies have […]

How to Bottle Feed a Newborn Puppy

If you need to learn how to bottle feed a newborn puppy, you’ve come to the right place! As an experienced bottle baby foster and medical foster, I have had to bottle-feed and tube-feed my fair share of newborns. I’ve tried to share all of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated and discovered through those […]

The Neonatal Stage: Caring for Newborn Puppies

The Neonatal Stage begins at birth and lasts until around 14 days old or when puppies’ eyes open. The primary goals during this stage are ensuring puppies are given everything they need to thrive during this fragile period where they are physically developing. This includes daily weight and body checks, changing out their bedding, and […]

Newborn Puppies: When to Be Concerned

Neonatal puppies are incredibly fragile, so being familiar with possible signs of a failing newborn puppy is incredibly helpful in being able to address issues sooner rather than later. Time really is of the essence when saving a weak newborn puppy! A healthy newborn puppy will cry and squirm when handled and settle down when […]

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Christine Mielke has fostered over 100 dogs and puppies and assisted with countless more through volunteering at local rescues and shelters. She is an experienced medical foster who has worked with cleft palate puppies, dying and premature newborns, and critically ill and injured puppies.