Puppy Vaccination Schedule for Rescues and Shelters

A well-researched and effective vaccination schedule is key to preventing disease outbreak in a rescue or shelter environment due to the number of animals coming in that have no medical history and/or have never been vaccinated.1 This is especially important in organizations taking in puppies, which are especially vulnerable and contraction of contagious diseases can […]

Puppy Dewormer Schedule with Dosage and Minimum Age Requirements

It’s important to establish a puppy dewormer schedule and deworming protocol to ensure that they do not get overburdened with intestinal parasites as they develop. There are different types of deworming medications on the market, so it is important to select one that is appropriate for the puppy’s age and the type of worms it […]

About Christine

Christine Mielke has fostered over 100 dogs and puppies and assisted with countless more through volunteering at local rescues and shelters. She is an experienced medical foster who has worked with cleft palate puppies, dying and premature newborns, and critically ill and injured puppies.