Puppy Dewormer Schedule with Dosage and Minimum Age Requirements

It’s important to establish a puppy dewormer schedule and deworming protocol to ensure that they do not get overburdened with intestinal parasites as they develop. There are different types of deworming medications on the market, so it is important to select one that is appropriate for the puppy’s age and the type of worms it may have. The most used dewormers are available over-the-counter and are cost-effective.

Puppy Dewormer Schedule

Breeders and rescues alike follow a deworming schedule that begins when puppies are two weeks of age and then every two weeks until they reach 12 weeks of age. Puppies can then be dewormed again at 16 weeks. Depending on the environment the puppy is in will determine how often it will be dewormed going forward, which is something your local vet should advise on.

Pyrantel Pamoate (name brand Nemex)1 is particularly suitable for young puppies as it gives them less gastrointestinal upset, and it is also available in liquid form, making it easy to dose out based on their weight and get them to take it!2 It is dosed at 1 ml/10 lbs.3

Pyrantel pamoate is effective against hookworms and roundworms but not against tapeworms or whipworms nor the larval stages of hookworms or roundworms, which is why multiple rounds of dewormer are necessary.4 It is also fast-acting and starts killing hookworms and roundworms within 2 hours (and is no longer effective after 24 hours), which puppies can vomit or poop out (and if they have big worm bellies, you may find spaghetti-like strands passed through their system).4

If young puppies still have a worm burden after deworming with pyrantel, it may be necessary to give a multi-action dewormer that includes praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, and febantel (name brand Quad Dewormer or Drontal Plus) as this trio will treat roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms.

2 weeksPyrantel Pamoate (Nemex)
4 weeksPyrantel Pamoate (Nemex)
6 weeksPyrantel Pamoate (Nemex)
or Praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel (Quad Dewormer)
8 weeksPyrantel Pamoate (Nemex)
10 weeksPyrantel Pamoate (Nemex)
12 weeksPyrantel Pamoate (Nemex)

Dewormer Dosages and Minimum Age Requirements

There are other dewormers available beyond pyrantel pamoate, depending on the puppy’s age. Fenbendazole (brand name Panacur, Safe-guard) can be used in puppies that are at least 6 weeks old. Praziquantel (brand name Droncit) can be used in puppies over 4 weeks old.5 Fenbental is most commonly found paired with other deworming medications (like pyrantel and praziquantel) should only be used in puppies over 3 weeks of age (and weighing at least 2 pounds).6

DewormerDewormer (Brand Name)Minimum Age/WeightDoseTreats
Pyrantel PamoateNemex2+ weeks1ml/10 lbs.Roundworms, tapeworms
FenbendazolePanacur, Safe-Guard6+ weeks0.5ml/1 kg, 3-5 days in a row

1g/10 lbs. (granules)7, 3-5 days in a row
Roundworms, some types of tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, giardia
PraziquantelDroncit4+ weeks5mg/1 kg (tablet)8Tapeworms
FebantelDrontal Plus, Quad Dewormer3+ weeks, 2+ lbs.tablets, by weight range9Whipworms
Praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, febantelQuad Dewormer3+ weeks, 2+ lbs.tablets, by weight range10Roundworks, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms
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